(27 BC-AD14) The first Roman Emperor, Augustus (at first known as Octavian) was adopted by his great Uncle Julius Caesar as his son and heir.  At the time of Caesar's assassination, Augustus was visiting Illiricum.  He quickly returned, but only managed to obtain his rights as heir after a brief but bitter struggle with Mark Antony.  Later they patched up their differences, and together with Lepidus, formed a Triumverate and set about wreaking vengeance on the murderers of Julius Caesar.  Together they defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi, and Lucius at Perusia, and after defeating the navy of Sextus Pompey, they found there was nobody left to fight but themselves.  Antony humiliated his wife (Octavian's sister) by his dalliance in Egypt with Cleopatra, and this was all the excuse that Octavian needed.  He declared war on his erstwhile partner, and smashed him in the naval battle of Actium.

Silver tetradrachm of Antiochia ad Orontem (Syria), struck BC1-1AD.  This nice large colonial coin has a good portrait of the Emperor on the obverse and on the other, the City goddess is seated on a rock, holding a palm branch.  Beneath her, the river god Orontes can be seen swimming to the right.  A handsome coin.